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Memory Care Neighborhoods

What is memory care? Memory care, sometimes referred to as Alzheimer’s care, is a residential home-like care setting designed specifically to care for those with Alzheimer’s or other dementias.

In Memory Care neighborhoods we provide physical, emotional, social, and spiritual support for the people who live there. We also provide education and peace of mind for families who have a cognitively challenged loved one.

Our Memory Care team members undergo dementia-specific education including validation and elder-directed, person-centered training when learning how to provide assistance to elders with dementia. This training provides the team with the skills necessary to put the relationship with the resident first and the assistance (e.g. dressing) as a natural part of interacting with the resident. This builds trust and the care team learns to pay attention to and identify the residents needs and desires more quickly than if they were solely focused on getting the task done.

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Benefits of living in a Compass Memory Care neighborhood include:

  • Secured house and grounds with keypad entry to minimize risk of wandering.
  • Lovely outdoor areas to walk and sit.
  • Person-centered, elder-directed programming including validation and The Eden Alternative.
  • Regular relationship building and personal one-on- one and group interaction as part of
  • Programs to engage the memory-challenged individual in daily life -- minimizing.
  • Withdrawal and encouraging engagement.
  • Diet and exercise support and encouragement.
  • Elder well-being monitoring and communication with family and health care providers.
  • Education for families and support so you can be in relationship with your loved one and focus on spending quality and joyful times with the individual over the daily caring for their basic needs.
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